Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exactly what I wanted

I think one of the greatest things and often hardest is getting exactly what you want. This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with an absolutely AMAZING model. She is drop dead gorgeous, smart, funny, and has this light about her that seriously could brighten up any stormy day. She is the girl that you know is enjoying her food because of all the mmmms and yummms coming from her spot at the table. She is who the saying "a smile that could light up a room" was originally talking about. With Shaylee I got exactly what I wanted. The perfect imperfect shot. The shot straight out of the camera that just couldn't be any better than just that. One that captures the feeling I think most people around her see all the time. THANK YOU THANK YOU SHAYLEE! This one is my new favorite favorite.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Apple Tree

As the first post with actual photographs to this blog, I am sure this is not what everyone was expecting. Let me explain. This apple tree happens to have produces one of my favorite photographs up to this point in my life. Did you really look at this photo? What kind of tree has apples all clustered together on it like this? What happened that there are no leaves on this tree but all these apples stayed put? It is bizarre and beautiful. The apples on the branches dance up the tree and spiral around. I bet that is exact how your eye moves around this photo. My eyes love images like this. I saw this tree while I was in a car driving by it. Two seconds later the image was flashing in my mind. Bizarre...beautiful...bizarre...beautiful. Almost panicked I blurted out "Can we go back?!" Without questioning or hesitation, the car was turned around and stopped on the side of the road where the tree was. It speaks to me... and crave apples.