Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beauty and the Boy

Just because I have a beautiful model that lives with me, doesn't mean I always get the best images of her. But on occasion I get something like this and I fear the future. LOOK AT HER! I know I am her mother so I am bias, but honestly, we have been told she is a "rare beauty." Most of the time she is stringy hair, covered in food, and mis-matched clothes. I wish she would stay that way so I wouldn't worry so much about her dating. I really plan to instill in her to have HIGH expectations and never to settle. It will be one of the few ways to weed out all the boys that are chasing her.

Dark as night eyes that shine green in the sun light, rose kissed cheeks, pink lips, perfect little nose and dirty blonde hair.
Fun Fall Pics

Cute and fun! These kids are my everything.

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