Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ready to POP!

If only we all could look this good almost 10 months pregnant. The first image here is actually the last one I took. The flare off of her necklace made my heart leap with joy. I LOVE IT and think it really shows in an image the whimsical mysteriousness that is pregnancy.
Mother to be and friend since I first arrived in Utah, Haley ended up with a phenomenal shoot. She was willing to let me wrap her in Christmas lights and holiday ribbon too. The fun we were having in this 3 1/2 shoot really came through in the fun and amazing shots I was able to get.
Look at this body! Va va voom. A few months from now, I am going to go back and take some photos to make a bedroom book for her husband ;)
My favorite shot is this one with her legs up. I planned it out in my head then drew it out on paper to show her how to lay. She of course made it amazingly beautiful.
Haley has a great style that is unique to her. It is a pretty combination, hard to describe, but makes me think of good music and roses.
This little angel is Taygen. She has been in love with her baby sister before she was even born. Not a very willing model, she only let me get a few shots, but you know how angels can be. I think it is because there are so many people always trying to capture their image.
Cambria Rose was born a healthy 6 lbs 4 oz just before Christmas. Congrats to her beautiful mother, wonderful father, and great big sister.

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