Friday, March 12, 2010

How did I get into photography?

I get asked a lot how I got into photography, or why photography. It's hard to explain the draw I feel told the arts and especially photography, but long story short, here's what I tell people.

Cortney Jones: Behind the Lens

As far back as I can remember, I have needed a creative outlet. When I was really young my dad let me paint on the walls of our home. Really! I can remember mermaids under a dark blue ocean, abstract landscapes, windows to other worlds, and the craziest jungle scene on my bed room wall in high school (apparently primer and a good coat of paint covers everything.) It was in high school that I found photography.

For three years I spent countless hours in the darkroom developing and manipulating photos I had taken. Knowing that art isn't always a lucrative or practical choice for a career, I choose to only minor in it in college.

Then, I started my family. I tend to go back and forth between following my head and following my heart. It is a beautiful ebb and flow relationship. Marrying the man of my dreams at age 21 was my hearts choice. He is my very best friend so a fear that he wouldn't wait for me or would tire of me, made me decide 21 was old enough. The most gorgeous Winter joined us in 2006 and her baby brother Ledger came into our lives just before the end of 2008.

For five years I let life reveal itself to me. I followed my head into a corporate job to help support my heart's family and lost my photographers spirit. Abandon and abused it rest silently inside of me.

Classically trained with film and a darkroom, digital photography was like stepping into wonderland.

Art + emotion + joy = photography for me.

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