Monday, December 21, 2009

Indian Wedding

A little while ago I was lucky enough to get to shoot an amazing wedding. The bride and groom were Indian and had a somewhat modified traditional ceremony. The thing about the Indian culture that I love the most is the colors.
The bride was beautiful.Traditions in the ceremony are mostly about respect to those people who helped the bride and groom to get to where they are on the glorious wedding day. Love is everywhere. These woman began to sing in praise of the great day.
Around and around to symbolize eternity and year after year.My favorite thing a groom is always caught doing to his bride.The colors, can you believe the amazingly beautiful colors.Shadows made this a shot I couldn't resist.White is so classic, so timeless.Outfit change to another amazing sari.The Indian people definitely know how to have a good time.
And love to dance!

I was obsessed with this grand mother. She was so little and sweet. She didn't speak any english so she was always wanting to see the photos I was taking of her.

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  1. beautiful pics! what a wonderful wedding and you captured its spirit so well! Happy New Year!